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Photo: Noelle Smithhart

Photo: Noelle Smithhart

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About Us

About Us


Herb & Jellyfish is a melancholic alternative rock Seattle band formed in 2017. The group consists of singer/songwriter/sax-player Bradford King, lead guitarist Andreas Laursen, rhythm guitarist Robert Woods, bassist Jason Andrews, and drummer Jake Brooks. Heavy guitar hooks are bolstered by complex rhythmic elements that allow melodic interplay between Laursen’s lead guitar and King’s sax and vocal lines. The band is influenced by the work of Muse, Morphine, Coheed & Cambria, and Rage Against the Machine. Their 10 song album, Hustle, is scheduled for release in April of 2019.

Herb & Jellyfish released their first EP “Hispocracy” (with Dan Montgomery of Fast Nasties on drums and Jacob Doss of Letters From Traffic on bass) on May 1st, 2017. The group’s second EP “Hustle,” was released on May 4th of 2018 with a new lineup--Montgomery on bass and Brooks on drums--and showed a return to heavier rock roots. In June Dan Montgomery left the group and Jason Andrews filled the bassist role. The next five songs on the Hustle album are scheduled for completion, featuring Jason on bass, in 2019. All tracking, mixing, and mastering is done by Jason Lackie of Fastback Studios. Both he and Ed Brooks of Resonant Mastering have been instrumental (pun intended) to the groups sound development.

Herb & Jellyfish’s influences include Muse, Morphine, Three 3, Coheed & Cambria, Billy Talent, Bayside, Alkaline Trio, At The Drive-In, Dear Hunter, Bullet For My Valentine, Tool, Cleopatrick, and Seattle locals Ten Miles Wide.

This band is not afraid to take risks, and the incredible work that they have produced with [their first] EP is definitely worth checking out.
— Yasmin Ettobi, NW Music Scene

Current Lineup


Bradford King
Vocals / Sax / Lyrics / Songwriting

Andreas Laursen
Lead Guitar / Songwriting

Robert Woods
Rhythm Guitar / Songwriting

J.S.T. Andrews
Bass / Songwriting

Jake Brooks
Drums / Songwriting 

Band History


In 2009 Bradford King met Jon McCormick while singing lead vocals for a classic rock cover band. Through Jon, Bradford met Rob Reed, Larry Warner, and Kevin Fine and the hard rock cover band Take Cover was formed. After a solid year or two of performing Kevin left the band late in 2010 and the remaining crew decided to form Urban Jellyfish -- an original rock band leveraging Bradford’s original songwriting material. Through the open mic circuit Rob, Jon, and Brad met Meghan Sinoff, who was asked to join UJ on keys.

By 2013 UJ had recruited bassist Jonathan Seeber and through Rob & Jon sound engineer Terry Mattson. The group produced the album Far From Impossible at Black Dog Studios in Ravensdale in 2013. After the completion of and some live performances the original crew was disbanded in 2014.

Urban Jellyfish continued as a solo project for several months while Bradford performed in three other bands. In the fall of 2014 Bradford started playing sax with Eric Blu & the Soul Revue where he met Jake Brooks, Andreas Laursen, & Robert Woods. Jake urged Bradford to reform Urban Jellyfish sometime in 2015. Months later Bradford met Dan Montgomery and invited him to join the group on drums when Jake had to leave for personal reasons. From late 2015 to 2016 Urban Jellyfish consisted of Andreas on lead guitar, Robert Woods on rhythm, and Dan Montgomery on drums.

In 2017 Jacob Doss from Letters From Traffic joined the band as bassist to help round out the tracks they had been working on. The band then renamed itself Herb & Jellyfish based on a story from Damon Cleary-Erickson about how his roommate misunderstood the original name “Urban Jellyfish.” With a new name the band worked out a five song EP called “Hispocracy” that was released on May 5th of 2017. Jason Lackie and Ed Brooks . Between the studio and release of this EP Jacob Doss had to leave the band for personal reasons. Jake Brooks showed interest in rejoining the band as its drummer and Dan Montgomery gladly assumed the role of bassist.

In the winter of 2017 the new lineup completed another five tracks featuring Andreas on lead guitar/backing vox, Robert on rhythm/piano/backing vox, Dan Montgomery on bass, Jake Brooks on drums, and Bradford King on vox/sax. The new tunes were released on May 4th of 2018. Dan decided to leave the band a few months after in order to pursue a new career. After auditioning several new potential bass players for the group the band decided on ex-Florida resident Jason Andrews (who has played with the international band Neighborhood Goliath). The new crew is currently working on the final five songs for the ten song Hustle album slated for release in March of 2019.