Hustle EP

by Herb & Jellyfish

The five song Hustle EP opens with “Bite The Hand,” a song about wanting to sacrifice the comforts of a career for a dream. Complacency in music and life being the bane of artistic integrity. The  Track two, “Keep Up,” starts with the raucous sound of Woods’ rhythm guitar, a darker tune in which King struggles to cope with an inability to remain well informed in a world with too many media sources. “L.O.L.” notes that while truth may exist, it’s a temporary construct at best. The song features backing vocals by Scott Concinnity of Letters From Traffic. In it, Brooks lays down a tom drum fill over the live drums during the breakdown section that’s worth listening to. “Satisfied” outlines King’s consistent struggle with the futile pursuit of satisfaction. The Hustle EP closes with the song “Positive.” The subtle bass and rhythm guitar lines written by Montgomery & Woods drop into an upbeat rock rhythm on the way to an ethereal breakdown solo between Laursen and King. Brooks’ drumsticks dropping on the snare after a full day in the studio make for a finale the band is proud of.