Hispocracy EP

by Herb & Jellyfish

Andreas Laursen - Lead Guitar
Robert Woods - Rhythm Guitar
Dan Montgomery - Drums
Jacob Doss - Bass
Bradford King - Vocals / Sax
Ninja-neered at Fastback Studios by Jason Lackie
Mastered at Resonant Mastering by Ed Brooks

The five song Hispocracy EP opens with “Courting Rachel,” a crooning ballad about a Mistral Kitchen whiskey drink that shares the name of King’s ex-wife; alcohol and lust--both in excess--can lead to ruin. “Overkill” follows with a harder rock sound, piercing lead guitar work from Andreas Laursen, complex ascending bass riffs from Jacob Doss, and was written as an homage to a Men At Work song. The title track “Hispocracy” offers a short break between the two hardest rock tunes on the EP. It was created by layering baritone and tenor sax riffs that were played live through a delay pedal then looped in mixing (a.k.a. studio fun). “No Help” comes crashing in next with sax and drums, and a distinct bass/guitar riff solidly supporting lyrics that recount King’s run-in with a drug dealer and corrupt law enforcement; all culminating in a face melting lead guitar solo. “Desire” brings the tempo back down with sweeping guitar riffs, a sultry sax melody, and powerful chorus hooks culminating with falsetto vocals. “Animal” finalizes the EP with a piano riff created by Robert Woods in-studio between tracking sessions. The song is straight forward rock, written and performed by animals, for animals.