The first gig of 2019 went down last night at Funhouse. Herb & Jellyfish went on first and was followed by Vacant Voices, Filmspeed, Spicy Tunas, and closed with Dot Comet. All the bands had unique and great sounds and blended well together. Not much of a crowd, which is generally accepted for Sundays, but Vacant Voices, Filmspeed, and Spicy Tunas stuck around for all the acts. We back lined the first four bands with our drums so had to put a Filmspeed tee over our logo on the head when they went up. Hopefully we will be able to play with them later this summer in Vegas, Cali, or Arizona. Created a Spotify playlist to feature all the acts we will be playing with in 2019.

We completed the bulk of the work for six new songs that will be part of the Hustle album in March. The guys cranked out the songs Too Soft To Survive and Self Cherishing on Saturday 1/19. I managed to get five vocal tracks done on 1/20 before the show so my voice is sorta shot today but it was worth it. Dre layered lead guitar over the tracks and they’re really coming together.