No one asked so here's my opinion... Does it sound good to you? If it also happens to sound good to your friends, fans, the market, parents, small flightless birds, or that woman you really wanna fuck even though she seems way out of your league, that's all well and good I suppose. But originality starts from within. So who are you sonically from within? Do you sound exactly like the artists that have influenced you? Are you an odd ball with a library of music theory at your disposal? These answers will appear the longer you stick with your craft, even if it starts to sound "weird" to others. In fact, if it's getting strange, push it further. Stay the course untill it sounds truly awful to you because that's where your boundary is. The easier path is to meet a specific market demand stylistically, which is a valid way to profit from what I read. However, risk involves finding your own voice and the journey will build character traits worth more than money. Even if you determine that your sound is completely derivative at least you'll have discovered a new dimension of yourself.