Dan's leaving the band and we're not taking it well, so each member of the group tries to kill him but fails and dies in the process while Dan remains unaware. Silent film style; any dialog is dubbed in the video portion and text is shown on a different frame with a graphical background.

Scene 1: Brad tries to run Dan over with Flo at train crossing but the van dies on the tracks, won't start up again, and Brad is killed by a train.

Scene 2: Tiger has sniper rifle w/Rob as his spotter but Rob sneezes the shot is missed and it ricochets off a wall and kills Tiger.

Scene 3: Dre gives him a racket to play tennis with that has dynamite attached to it and they play a round of tennis. The dynamite doesn't go off until Dre is looking at it later to figure out why.

Scene 4: Rob coats a joint in poison and puts it back in the container. He goes to practice and gifts Dan the joint not realizing it's the wrong one. While riding a Lime bike home he takes out the poison joint and smokes it absentmindedly and falls over on his bike dead.