Had to revisit Fastback Studios today after our session last week. It went well and I think we got all the drum parts we're after for the next five songs, Satisfied, Positive, Keep Up, Bite The Hand, and L.O.L. The important thing is that we had a good time making it. Plenty of usable vocal and guitar parts from the session. I used a Shure SM7 to record vocals like the one I saw James Hettfield use in the Some Kind of Monster documentary and I like it a lot more than the stationary mic I used for our original EP. Jake is still new to the studio environment but he fucking killed it. We got this overlayed drum part near the buildup at the end of L.O.L. that is gold. Current plan is to fix any bass or rhythm mistakes in December then we can lay all new lead & rhythm parts over the bass drums. Doubling will be used heavily and I intend to lay down doubling and harmony for my vocal tracks as well. Might play around with vocal harmonies through different mic styles. Should be done with the tracks by April provided we can get Ed Brooks to master again. Between Ed on mastering and Jason on engineering/mixing, I'm hoping these new tunes elevate the rest of us mere mortals to the heights of musicianship. Fuck it, at least this is fun!